Board Members & Range Manager


Board of Directors & Staff

The Board of Directors consist of nine Board Members. Each year, three members are up for election for a three year term. If you are interested in serving on the board of directors, please email us.

(Left to right) Back row: Jeff Fitch, Amber Simmons, Tim Osborne, Tom Pfingsten, Scott Goddard, and Vice President John Cumming

Front row: Secretary Penny Stumvoll, President Tom Longanecker, Treasurer Gary McEnelly.

2018 Board Election Results:

President: Tom Longanecker

Vice President: John Cumming
Secretary & Membership: Penny Stumvoll
Treasurer: Gary McEnelly

2016-2018: Tom Longanecker, Gary McEnelly, Jeff Fitch
2017-2019: Amber Simmons, Scott Goddard, Tim Osborne
2018-2020: John Cumming, Tom Pfingsten, Penny Stumvoll


Range Manager: Robert Marquardt