Become a Member and a Friend:

Lakeshore Conservation Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We offer various memberships at affordable prices. If you are interested in becoming a member, select the type of membership that fits you and then fill out our online membership form. 2023 Family memberships are only $60.00 per year and Lifetime Memberships are $1,000.00.  Lifetime Members’ names will be on a plaque in the Clubhouse.

A family membership consists of family living in one household including children through college age.

Memberships are available at the club, on-line, by mail, and at Freedom Firearms in Brainerd (819 Washington St)

Membership Benefit Program:

As a way of increasing our 2023 membership, the Lakeshore Conservation Club Board of Directors would like to offer the following benefit program to existing members for referring/signing new members.

  1. We have coupons for you to distribute to potential new members. Please print your name on the coupons before distributing them. When the person you refer joins the Lakeshore Conservation Club for 2023 and presents the coupon, you as a member will benefit. For coupons contact Penny @ 218-851-8688
  2. You, as a current 2023 member, will receive one free round of trap or skeet. Your free round will be available at the range once your new members’ paperwork and payment are turned in.
  3. The new members cannot be a 2022-23 member, as this would be a renewal and not a new member.
  4. The new member that you refer will also receive one free round of trap or skeet.

The Board would like to thank you for supporting this effort. If we work together to grow our club, it will benefit all of us! Together Our Club Will Grow and Prosper